Countdown to 2016: Birdie King Tees Off at noon on September 10th!


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Hackfest Trophy - RIP

Go here for videos of the original Hackfest trophy!


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Crystal Mountain, MI - 10-Day Forecast

Crystal Mountain, MI - Radar

2016 Odds

2015 Hackfest

Jeffrey Dean "Jiffy Pop" Carter, our gracious host in Maryland, was the 2015 Birdie King! Hail to the first Five-Time Champion!

See this page for the latest on the 2016 Hackfest!

Welcome to the 'Fest

We welcome you to the official website of the Hackfest Golf Tournament.


The Hackfest is perhaps the most famous of the golf majors. First held in the year of our Lord, 1987 A.D., it has continued on an annual basis with a complete and utter disregard for the game of golf as we know it.

We proclaim our sincere and humble thanks to the Artistic Director and Hackfest founder, Brett Richard Johnson, for his foresight and vision in creating this blessed event. Hail to the Birdie King, and hail to Brett!

Hall of Fame

Hackfest Champions, in alphabetical order except for the most recent Birdie King:

Hall of Shame

Those who have never won a Hackfest Championship, in alphabetical order.